15 Responses to the Question, “Now that you are nearing the end of 8th grade, what would you do differently at the beginning of the year?”

– Stay on top of my homework

– Try harder and try harder to get more sleep so i’m not tired at school

– nothing #no regrets!

– Interesting question. I’m not completely sure of my answer, but off the top of my head I would probably tell my younger self to complete homework as soon as I get home instead of procrastinating until the last minute; it’s been really difficult to break out of that habit, so now I’ve resorted to practicing piano before dinner and completely homework afterward.

– Work harder and make homework my first priority

– Be more happy

– I don’t like the way I was living in general, but nothing specific to school. But I wouldn’t actually do anything different because everything lines up perfectly to create the outcome you are currently living. If I were given the chance to change even one little thing in the past, I wouldn’t. I’m okay with how negative I was living(subjectively and relative to now)because it has allowed me to live the way I currently am, and to appreciate the change. It wouldn’t mean anything if I couldn’t compare it to the “before”, since nothing accurately means anything without relativity.

– I would probably talk to more people and ask for more help.

– I wish my makeup wasn’t so cakey, I wish I hadn’t worn foundation.

– I don’t know, not much. I think I have a pretty good routine on getting through the day. I don’t really have anything I would change.

-I would have tried not to miss as much school because its really hard for me to catch up on all of the work, and that makes my grades worse.

-Told kids who were bothering me to shut up and leave me alone because I don’t want to have to deal with your garbage.

-Take different electives because I took the same electives as last year and didnt try new things. I would also try to reach out and meet new people. After meeting them I would actually stay in touch.

-Actually try

-Study harder

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